• Pattern Vase - Little
  • Pattern Vase - Little
  • Pattern Vase - Little
  • Pattern Vase - Little

Pattern Vase - Little

Chloe May Brown has been working with More & Co. since 2008. We have the honor of calling her one of our regularly stocked local artists and a very important and inspiring part of our More & Co. family.

This year, Chloe is releasing her work in waves. To create this holiday collection, Chloe was excited to fire away in her own new kiln. Gravitating again toward stunning repeat patterns, inspired by her appreciation for our natural Maine habitat, she spent countless hours creating these very special pieces. Each is hand shaped and then hand glazed, going through the kiln two times. 

Of Note - There are more than one of these in stock but each piece is one-of-a-kind. If you purchase more than one we will be happy to try and make a lovely set for you but just know that they will not match totally and completely. That is what is so wonderful about the work!

  • Made in Maine by Chloe May Brown
  • Hand shaped and glazed porcelain
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Approximately 3 inches high


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