• Ripple Wine Glass
  • Ripple Wine Glass
  • Ripple Wine Glass
  • Ripple Wine Glass
  • Ripple Wine Glass
  • Ripple Wine Glass

Ripple Wine Glass

Every year we try out a new line of glassware in our shop. This is our favorite yet. The Ripple glasses are sophisticated but not snobby, charming but approachable. We love that they can work for an everyday family meal or a fancier dinner party.

These pieces feel so good in the hand. They are light but don't handle as if they are about to break. We appreciate that the mouth-blown, handmade nature means there is a slightly different weight to each piece. The ripples catch the light beautifully. And, the best part, they stack! 

We like the wine glass for wine, obviously, but it's also a very nice cocktail or water glass. It would also be lovely holding an iced espresso!

Of Note - We have four different glass styles available and they are sold individually. The indentation at the bottom of each glass varies in four unique heights. We appreciate this design element so much. When you place your order we will choose the variation in the glasses for you. If you choose to buy a set of four we will try to send you one of each but we cannot promise that we will have all four variations in stock. Please make any note in your order and we will do our best to accommodate any requests.

  • Mouth-blown glass
  • Food & dishwasher safe
  • Approximately 3.5 tall and 2.75 inches across
  • Design of bottom height varies on each glass
  • Designed in Denmark
  • Sold separately


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