Let's Line The Jewel Box

May 08 2014
The Jewel Box Some our favorite cocktails in town are made by our friend Nan’l, also known as the Bearded Lady. After the first sip, his drinks have been described as “amazing,” “delicious,” “rocket sauce,” and “holy sh*t.” Nan’l has worked at various establishments in Portland, and we are super excited that he is about to open his own bar, The Jewel Box, around the corner from our studio. We are also excited that More & Co. had the chance to design his new identity. First we loved his drinks, then we worked for him, now we will sit at his bar. As it should be. The Jewel Box is currently raising money through Kickstarter. We just donated and you can do the same here. There are two weeks left to fund this project. Let's do it!

— More & Co.