Please Don't Go

August 23 2013
_MG_3284 _MG_6675 cmbsummer2013 _MG_1218 74210001 Where has the summer gone? Today we are tearfully saying goodbye to our Chloe (CMB, as some of you may know her online) and we are so sad about it. Chloe came back to Portland in mid-May and jumped in with both feet. We could not have opened our shop without her (our friend Brian has a beautiful post about our shop opening and our team here) ... Chloe has been our rock. She has put up with us, organized us, supported us, laughed with us, created with us, rolled her eyes at us, worked from morning till night for us and just generally made every single day better for the four of us for the last three months. Chloe, please don't go! xoxoxo But if you do, just know that we will be right here waiting for you when you come back ... ready with the next list of crazy unending jobs and one more inventory check. We love you.