July 22 2013
IMG_7179 IMG_7056 IMG_7161 IMG_7305 IMG_7327 This weekend I had a local customer come into the shop and ask me about the process on our naturally dyed tote bags. It brought back so many memories. Last summer we dyed 100 natural cotton tote bags in our old workspace. There were one million other things going on in the studio at the time. Chloe, our trusted assistant, took on the dye project full tilt. She researched, planned and executed (a process she is very good at). We dyed 13 colors in about 4 weeks. Chloe worked day and night. Some bags were dyed in as many as 4 dye baths! Every bag went through multiple washings. Most of the time our experiments did not quite work out as planned but we were always so pleased with the results. This project, like most of the ones we work on, is very close to us. We have just a handful of bags left (here and here) and while it makes me feel a bit sad and nostalgic to see them all go, it also makes me feel very proud. I'm appreciative of our small team and what we accomplish when we put our minds to it. I'm honored to see customers finding the tote bag that is calling to them. And, mostly, I'm proud of Chloe. She is the only person who has the full set of bags in every color ... and that is just how it should be.