Wild, Natural, Free Fabric

July 14 2013
DSC_0975 DSC_0969 DSC_0968 We have been lucky enough to work with Zoo Ink in San Francisco, CA to print all of our More & Co. Shop fabric yardage. They have done a beautiful job! Our new Wild, Natural, Free fabric, designed by Lena Corwin, makes us so happy. Lena was in San Francisco to OK the fabric and took these snapshots. pattern For the Wild, Natural, Free concept Lena was inspired by open space, wild flowers and wind. Can you see it? Smock_Tote_MG_1046 We are excited to offer our Wild, Natural, Free Smock starting tomorrow at Noon, EST. While supplies last, we have a handful of grey Naturally Dyed Totes that will go out along with the Smocks that are purchased. These are limited, as are the Smocks themselves, so if you get your heart set on this package you should dive in while supplies last. We are out of the free totes. Thank you to those who ordered. We still have a handful of the Wild, Natural, Free Smocks. Thank you to Zoo~Ink and thank you, of course, to Lena ... one of our favorite muses. xo

— More & Co.