Downloadable Books From CDR

July 03 2013
CDR-Books-Site CDR-Books In 2006 I self-published my first book, Sleepyheads. It was a book of simple drawings of people with their eyes closed that I had encountered on the subway, while making my way from Brooklyn into Manhattan for work every morning. I made one hundred copies. I sold some, gave some away, and ended up printing another hundred. They're all gone now, as well as the four other books that I've put out since. Now, thanks to the miracles of technology, I can make these out-of-print books available as downloadable PDFs. So, I did. I'm very excited to share that you can now get yourself fresh digital copies of all six of my books over at my site. I know that they won't have that smell of printed ink, but hopefully they'll still make you think or... better yet, smile. Cheers,