"Why Don't You Just Tell Me The Name Of The Movie You'd Like To See?"

December 05 2012
"What Inspires Me" from More & Co. on Vimeo. Directing and editing a film YOU shot on YOUR smartphone? There's an app for that! Say whatssup to our pals, DirectR. It breaks down like this: 1. Sign up at DirectR.co 2. Download the DirectR app 3. Search for the movie you want to make 4. Follow the simple, step-by-step instructions on how to make your film 5. Shoot, edit and share That's it. In fact, why don't you start with this film right here, which we made for DirectR. The future of filmmaking is here. "What Inspires Me" is the first film we did for DirectR. Stay tuned for many more.

— More & Co.