"There's noothin' like a good, strong pint in yur hand."

February 10 2012
MORE & CO. A bar is for any other day... ...on Fridays, MORE & CO. goes to the pub. There usually isn't a television. No slick/loud music. Chatter tone in your ears. Lads. Lasses. Laughter. The beers seem taller, larger and bottomless. You order at the bar. Always. Games. Grins. The fanciest drink you could order might be a G&T. (That should be a rule.) One turns to two, turns to three... The English might say if they HAD to pick a day for the pub, it would be Sunday. But that's one more day away... Get your coat. We goin early. : : : (This video was the inspiration for this post.) (Nobody shoots a pub on Friday, or any other day, like BWF. Here is some photo-jive talk on the189 today.) Photograph by Brian W. Ferry.