Gap // A and B

December 31 2011
[responsive_vid] This is a video outtake from a project we were asked to pitch to Gap. The project was quick-fire and raw and was conceived, shot, and presented in less than 3 weeks. Just one of the many ways we love to work out our shtick. The two people in the video are A and B. I have become more closely acquainted with A and B over the last year, really since the inception of MORE & CO. They have been (and will always be) a crucial part of what we do. They have helped us on most of the larger projects we have worked on this year. They are two people among countless that have supported us with their natural talents. I'm not sure how to thank them, so I decided to post this video as a tribute to them both. The moment I captured speaks for itself. I try to inspire and I try to connect. I can't do it alone, you know ... ... that's why I like having A and I like having B. Big-ups to everyone that I was able to work with/talk to/collaborate with/take orders from/hug/laugh with/listen to this year. xo