Primoeza // Remembering A Well-Loved Project (2011)

December 31 2011
We were tasked with directing and photographing Primoeza's new collection in late-summer of this year. I've walked you through our process a bit here. It really was such a wonderful project on all levels. We were honored to be a part of it. Hilary and I spent a day scouting locations, making our shot list (color-coded, mind you -- we were old-fashioned and wrote everything out) and working out wardrobe. Then she and I, along with CDR, went to Chase's Daily (Belfast, ME) for a long dinner. I love the pre-game days before a big photo-shoot. I loved my team for the shoot-day. With RTS on video (and here are the finals), Hilary on styling and CDR on kraft services the day took on a nice hum of work/hilarity/inspiration. Then Lynsey and Evan stepped in and brought the photographs to life. How could we go wrong, really, with such a beautiful product to showcase? We really do love what we do.