“There’s noothin’ like a good, strong pint in yur hand.”

24950005 Theres noothin like a good, strong pint in yur hand.   More & Co.   Creative Studio + Shop   Portland, Maine

A bar is for any other day…
…on Fridays, MORE & CO. goes to the pub.

There usually isn’t a television.
No slick/loud music.
Chatter tone in your ears.
The beers seem taller, larger and bottomless.
You order at the bar. Always.
The fanciest drink you could order might be a G&T. (That should be a rule.)
One turns to two, turns to three…

The English might say if they HAD to pick a day for the pub, it would be Sunday.
But that’s one more day away…

Get your coat. We goin early.

: : :

(This video was the inspiration for this post.)

(Nobody shoots a pub on Friday, or any other day, like BWF. Here is some photo-jive talk on the189 today.)

Photograph by Brian W. Ferry.


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